How do you legally become a capuchin monkey breeder?


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To legally breed Capuchin monkeys and other species of monkeys in the United States, an individual must first check if it is legal to breed primates in their state of residence. Many states ban owning primates, while some permit primate ownership with restrictions. If primate ownership is allowed, a prospective primate breeder must then apply for a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) license.

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In the United States, primate breeders must be issued a Class A USDA license to legally own and breed Capuchin monkeys. This license allows a breeder to sell the offspring of primates the breeder personally has under care. The license also allows a breeder to buy or sell a monkey for breeding purposes. In addition, a breeder may also need to register with the USDA as a Carrier, which requires a Class B license. A carrier is anyone who transports a primate to another destination in exchange for compensation. Primate licensing is administered by the USDA, in conjunction with the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

After the license application is turned in, the applicant receives an assigned animal welfare inspector and instructions on filling out the Plan of Veterinary Care (PVC) form. The PVC form requests information on appropriate housing, ventilation, sanitation, food, water, veterinary care, pest control, handling and transportation of the animals. After this form is turned in, a pre-licensing inspection is arranged.

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