What Does a Legal Secretary Do?


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A legal secretary performs clerical duties for a law firm, drawing on his extensive knowledge of legal proceedings and documentation, according to Education Portal. Typically completing a legal secretary training program before employment, a legal secretary is charged with preparing documents that include legal briefs, court subpoenas, spreadsheets and letters.

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Depending on the law firm, a legal secretary may also be in charge of organizing and maintaining all legal files kept in the office, as well as those files stored in an electronic database, according to Education Portal. Serving as an assistant to lawyers within a law firm, government office or non-profit organization, a legal secretary also helps to research cases, gather documents for trials and submit paperwork to the courthouse. A legal secretary is well-versed in both legal terminology and government regulations.

A legal secretary is required to be adept at multitasking and time management, as he handles the clerical work for several cases simultaneously, according to Education Portal. For this reason, a legal secretary is required to be organized and pay close attention to detail. He is typically required to converse directly with other attorneys, courtroom staff, clients and witnesses, making great communication skills necessary for the position.

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