What Legal Rights Does a Person Have When Renting an Apartment?


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Apartment renters have a series of rights including everything from security deposits, leases, rent payment, housing discrimination and repairs. Maintenance, safety and privacy are also included in these rights, according to Nolo. Additionally, each jurisdiction has its own code of renter's rights.

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Before signing any legal agreement for renting a home or apartment, the first step is undergoing an official walk-through. Ensure that all walk-through agreements are placed in writing, especially when waiting for a previous tenant to move out, states Consumer Affairs. If unable to have a walk-through before moving in, a new tenant has a legal window of 72 hours to verify the condition of the location.

Additionally, there are specific rights granted to renters, according to Consumer Affairs. The location must be both safe and clean to live in and live up to all local codes and ordinances. Appliances are not necessary, but if they are included, they must be in full working condition.The heating and air systems must be fully functional. The toilets should have appropriate pressure, and the water system must provide both hot and cold running water. All doors must have secure locks, and the roof must not have any leaks. Finally, it is not permissible for any windows to be inoperable. They must all be easy to open, shut and lock.

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