Does Lee's Chicken Offer Coupons or Deals?

Does Lee's Chicken Offer Coupons or Deals?

Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken provides customers special offers and discounts through its eClub. The mailing list also provides exclusive information on giveaways, as stated on the company's website.

Lee's eClub is free for the public to join, as of 2015. Customers have an option to unsubscribe to stop receiving offers, as noted on the site. Follow these steps below to join Lee's eClub.

  1. Visit Lee's eClub
  2. Go to the website for Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken, and click on the box labeled "Join Lee's eClub to get coupons and special discounts."

  3. Provide personal information
  4. Enter a first and last name, ZIP code, email address and date of birth, and then type the characters from the verification code in the empty field.

  5. Select location
  6. Click the drop-down menu and choose a specific Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken location. Click the "Join Now" button. Lee's eClub will send a confirmation mail to the email address provided.