How Do You Lease a Ranch?


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Lease a ranch by locating available space on an agricultural or ranching location rental site or through a commercial property real estate agent and drafting a document that covers the details of the rental agreement, including cost, term and the responsibilities of each party. The lease also needs to cover any additional equipment or services included in the lease.

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Many ranches available for lease include primarily open space suitable for livestock grazing along with some form of shelter for the animals. Some ranches also feature a dedicated home for the overseers as well as additional structures for other tasks, depending on the style of ranch. As such, you should read through the property descriptions for ranches on online leasing sites thoroughly to understand the exact nature of the property. This allows you to determine if the ranch meets your needs or if you would be paying for additional features that you wouldn't use.

Some ranches rent the property on a flat monthly fee, while others require you to designate the exact amount of land you want to access, typically through acres. As you draft the lease, make sure to include sections that specify everything you wish to use on the property, including grazing land and any structures or resources. If the ranch has equipment already present, you may be able to include use of them in the lease as well.

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