How Do You Lease Your Property for a Verizon Cell Tower?

Property owners interested in leasing land to Verizon for cell towers can visit the Network Real Estate Inquiries page at Verizon provides property owners with a brief summary of requirements a property must meet to qualify for a cell tower. If the property is eligible for leasing, property owners can fill out and submit the online real estate inquiry form to begin the lease evaluation process. Alternatively, property owners can contact cell tower leasing consultants for assistance.

Verizon contacts property owners regarding cell tower leases as the need arises, and it keeps submitted information from other property owners on file for future use. Before a leasing agreement is drawn up, Verizon sends a team of experts to evaluate the property for suitability. Properties must be within 500 feet of a major paved public street, and nearby buildings can be no taller than four stories tall. In addition, Verizon must have 24-hour access to the cell tower every day on a year-round basis.

Companies that specialize in providing consultation services for cell tower leasing agreements include AirWave Management and Vertical Consultants. Consulting companies assist property owners with negotiating leasing agreements, which are usually designed to favor service providers such as Verizon. Cell tower leasing agreements are complex, and consultants can help negotiate better deals for property owners.