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There is a wealth of information online for individuals who want to learn more about retirement, including government sources such as the Social Security Administration (SSA), financial institutions such as Fidelity Investments and news agencies such as CBS News. These sources may offer tools such as benefits planners and calculators in addition to articles and educational workshops on topics such as building financial resources and investing savings for maximum returns, as seen on the SSA and CBS News websites. These sources may include one-off articles on different topics, or they may include full educational courses that may be available either for free or a small fee.

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Many of these online sources emphasize the importance of planning for retirement. For example, the SSA offers tools that allow individuals to determine things such as their life expectancy and retirement age, two pieces of information that are very important for developing a plan that includes savings goals.

Other online resources cover more high-level topics such as the end of 'traditional' retirement and ways to reduce costs while maximizing income, as reported by CBS News. In some cases, specific advice is given, including ways to maximize Social Security payouts and reduce the cost of practical expenses such as housing. There are resources for individuals at every stage of the process, including those who are decades away from retirement and those who are closer to retiring age.

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