How Do You Learn More About Renter's Rights?

Learn about the rights of renters and tenants through national sites such as, and, as of 2015. Sites such as and also contain articles and details about tenants' rights in specific cities. organizes its renter's rights information according to major topics, such as paying rent, privacy expectations and housing discrimination. It offers general explanations of relevant terms and concepts, an overview of national laws relating to the topic, and links to sections that cover the different laws in certain states, when available. offers numerous articles explaining various aspects of tenant law, including the circumstances for eviction and how to fight the process. It also has a tool to connect you to local real estate and housing lawyers.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development includes extensive resources about the rights of renters, including a section that links to state-specific information. Each state has its own page on the site that connects you to housing commissions, the state's Attorney General and legal aid for housing disputes. These pages also include links to local government and nonprofit organizations that inform tenants about their rights. offers a summary of renter's rights for individuals living within New York City, New York, including special cases for historical buildings. Similarly, focuses on the rights of renters living within San Francisco County, California.