How Do You Learn Medical Billing for Free?


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Free medical billing education is available online through downloadable training videos, according to the Medical Billing Software Education and Community. Many of the training modules provide medical billing professionals with continuing education. Other training videos prepare new medical billing professionals for the certification exam, explains Medical Billing and Coding Online.

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Free online video courses for people new to the medical billing and coding field focus on educating individuals about the career path and helping them determine if it is the right fit for them, explains Medical Billing and Coding Online. Many of the videos also help experienced medical billing and coding professionals sharpen their skills, providing a valuable resource for individuals returning to the field after a period of inactivity.

Medical billing professionals work for health care providers, notes Medical Billing and Coding Online. Their job duties include creating invoices for services rendered, submitting claims to patients' insurance companies and collecting co-pays and other out-of-pocket costs from patients.

Many medical billing and coding professionals work exclusively on the billing or coding side, explains Medical Billing and Coding Online. Medical billing specialists determine patients' payment responsibility, what services are covered by insurance, prepare billing paperwork and communicate directly with insurance companies to resolve disputed claims. Medical Coding specialists assign the appropriate codes to services rendered according to industry standards.

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