How Do You Learn the Latest News and Information in the Farming Industry?


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Learn about news and information for the farming industry through sites such as USDA.gov, FarmIndustryNews.com, AgWeb.com and Farm.com, as of 2015. Each site includes posts that cover a wide range of topics relevant to farm owners and workers, including changes to federal legislation, details about weather conditions and reports on the actions of relevant companies and corporations.

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USDA.gov is the official website for the United States Department of Agriculture and contains a great deal of information about the farming industry, much of which comes from a standpoint of compliance with its rules and laws. The site also includes news articles about research from its child and partner organizations, reports from its different agencies and various tips and guidelines for farmers in different areas.

FarmIndustryNews.com also publishes articles about the findings in different research reports, along with articles that cover other relevant topics in areas such as food handling safety, natural resource management and the market value of different crops. Additionally, it features sections on specific areas of farming, such as equipment, seed types and the tools for different specific trades.

AgWeb.com divides its site into several categories, focusing on topics such as general farming news, agricultural markets, machinery, livestock and the business of farming. It also features weather forecasts and predictions for numerous areas.

Farm.com allows users to find industry news and information according to specific crops, such as corn and wheat, as well as livestock types.

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