How Do You Learn About Electricity Outages in New Jersey?


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Learn about electricity outages in New Jersey by visiting the Outages section of the website for your local power company, checking the social media accounts for the power company or looking at the website for your local city government. You can also contact the power company directly to speak to an agent about current power outages and estimated durations.

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Many power companies regularly publish information about service outages for its customers on their website, typically through a dedicated page that includes a map of affected areas. For example, Atlantic City Electric maintains such a map that places a special marker on the areas undergoing a loss of electricity. Clicking on these markers displays the number of residents affected by the outage, when the company became aware of the outage, its cause, the current status of repairs and an estimated time at which customers can expect to receive power again.

Similarly, these power companies may also publish alerts about outages through social media accounts, which may also link back to the outages section of their websites. Alerts via social media allow the company to reach users directly through a single point of contact as well as increase visibility through social sharing features. Customers may also contact the companies to learn about outages, with some also offering automated systems that include details about power loss. The local governments in these areas may also publish details about outages through their websites, though some may only do so for major disasters.

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