What Do You Learn During Six Sigma Training?


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Six Sigma is a forma training program that, broadly, focuses on business-related quality management issues such as productivity, financial efficiency, business development, leadership and problem solving, as reported by the Aveta Business Institute. Training courses for Six Sigma certifications are typically organized according to levels symbolized by belt colors similar to some martial arts practices, including white, yellow, green and black belts. Trainees gain different skills and insights at each level of Six Sigma training.

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One of the major Six Sigma methodologies that trainees learn is known by the acronym DMAIC, which stands for define, measure, analyze, improve and control, according to Study.com. Trainees at the Green Belt level typically learn this methodology, which helps those who use it improve a specific business process.

Six Sigma is a formal training program that has been adopted by prominent business leaders such as Jack Welch, who introduced General Electric (GE) employees to the system. The program emphasizes the use of data and other objective measures to determine areas that require improvement within a business. Six Sigma trainees may learn to use tools such as flow charts and statistics to analyze and outline plans for improving a specific area of business, such as reducing financial losses or improving employee productivity.

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