How Do You Learn CPA Marketing?


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A person can learn cost-per-action marketing skills by taking an online or offline course in the technique. WordStream, CPATrainingVault.com and Udemy each offer online courses on CPA marketing. Both WordStream and CPATrainingVault.com have sections on their websites with a variety of articles and tips about online marketing, including CPA. Udemy offers a paid CPA marketing course that can be previewed for free for a limited time.

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CPA, or cost per acquisition, is a measurement that determines what a business pays for the amount of times a website visitor completes certain online advertising activities. CPC, or cost per click, refers to how much businesses pay each time a person simply clicks on an advertisement. A business's CPA expenses are generally higher than their CPC expenses because website visitors don't always follow through on the subsequent actions once they've clicked on an ad. The cost per action is configured by looking at how many times an ad is clicked before a desired action is taken. Consequently, to keep CPA costs down, a business's goal is to get more website visitors to not only click on ads but to follow through on certain actions after the click. These actions may include filling out a form with contact information, making a purchase or providing referrals.

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