How Do You Learn Book Rebinding?

How Do You Learn Book Rebinding?

Bookbinding books and Web sites offer book rebinding tutorials, and some community education programs have classes that teach basic binding skills, but individuals seeking careers as bookbinders and rebinders should complete a vocational or degree program that focuses on book art. Art and library science degree programs often have book art specializations.

Individuals interested in learning basic bookbinding or rebinding can purchase or borrow bookbinding books and view free Internet tutorials. These resources are best for those who wish to alter books to create journals or scrapbooks.

Serious binding students can attend a specialized vocational school that teaches the trade and craft of bookbinding. Graduating from such a school leads to careers in bindery or conservation.

Students working toward a bachelor’s or master’s degree in fine arts or library science can choose book arts as a concentration. In addition to learning the technical and artistic skills needed to create, repair and conserve books, students graduate with a solid understanding of the process in a larger, historical context that the work available in universities, museums and libraries may require.

Digital archiving has relegated the professional bookbinder's primary roles to conserving, restoring and repairing important books for universities, libraries and other institutions invested in protecting printed books of historical or literary importance.