How Do You Learn Basic Real Estate Legal Terms?


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Students can learn basic real estate legal terms on a legal website with a dictionary, notes FindLaw.com. This website also has a search feature that students can use to look up terms and learn them as they come across them.

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Learning basic real estate terms is similar to committing any other term to memory. Students do best when they start early and practice repetition to ensure that terms stay fresh in their minds after learning them. However, there are a few standard steps they can try, according to The Acronym.

Write the real estate terms down on paper. Taking the time to write the term out helps connect its meaning to the act of writing. Create flashcards with the terms on one side and the meaning on the other side. This helps utilize the first step of writing. Practice memorizing the terms by selecting flashcards at random and saying the term's meaning. Double-check the answer on the back of the card.

Try telling a story using some of the terms. This can be a real estate themed tale and doesn't have to be very involved. Storytelling helps create stronger word association and helps imprint the meaning of the words more strongly.

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