How Is the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC Process Defined?


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The Lean Six Sigma DMAIC process is a five-phase method of solving a problem within a process. The method is used by a project team that is specifically tasked with the responsibility of improving a process. DMAIC is also defined as a system of management that provides a steady stream of projects to improve business operations.

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DMAIC is an acronym for the five phases, known as define, measure, analyze, improve and control. During the define phase, leaders of a project identify key support within the organization. Next, they create a project team and hierarchy, and flesh out the goals and potential benefits of the project. During the measure phase, the team collects detailed data on how the process currently performs. In the analyze phase, the team determines the root cause of the problem and may adjust the data-collection plan used in the measure phase to collect any additional data needed. During the improve phase, the team applies a structured approach to improve the process and remove problems. Finally, the team uses the control phase to implement the improved process, verify any benefits or cost savings, develop standards and procedures, and develop a plan to transfer process ownership to the appropriate team.

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