How Do You Take a Leadership Skills Test Online?


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Taking an online leadership skills test requires selecting a simple test such as the one at Forbes.com, and allocating points based on desirable leadership traits. Common leadership traits featured on a test of this nature include character, vision, strategy and decision making. Points are also available for being likable and persuasive and possessing great team building abilities. Test scoring is measured on a scale of zero to 10, and graded from A to F.

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Read each leadership trait on the test and choose a numerical score based on how much, or how little, you agree with the description of that trait. Character is among the most important traits for leaders, because leaders often deal with problems that test character in various ways. Leaders might struggle with personal ethics and sticking to personal values under difficult circumstances; however, leaders of high character weather storms and earn the trust of followers. Leaders develop and communicate a clear vision to company staff and others interested in doing business with the company. Vision requires creative thinking and foresight.

Leaders must persuade others without being heavy-handed, and powers of persuasion come into play when conflicts arise, or when skeptics need winning over. Leaders are decisive and never shy away from making tough decisions when necessary.

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