What Are Some Leadership Assessment Tools?

Some leadership assessment tools include the Briggs-Myers Personality Test and tests that focus on someone's ability to lead others. Another tool to assess leadership is ascertaining a person's leadership style or category.

The Briggs-Myers Personality Test determines a person's temperament and social skills. Parts of the test are designed to identify leadership skills and emotional or social ability to take on a managerial position. The test score places an individual into a particular personality category, including whether the person is introverted or extroverted or how he organizes his life.

Leadership tests evaluates someone's fitness to lead. Tests like these confront issues such as dealing with conflict, problem solving and job flexibility. These tests include questions such as, "How do you react when your project fails?" There are multiple skills ranked once the test is scored. For example, an employee who has high motivational skills may not have a high tolerance for stressful situations.

A leadership style test determines whether someone has an autocratic, democratic or laissez-faire style of leadership. They assess how much a person is concerned about the people he leads versus the production of work. The scores are represented on a grid with a high left side grid score indicating high social concern and low right score indicating a tendency toward micromanagement or dictatorial leadership.