What Is an LCC Money Transfer?

An LCC money transfer is a financial service offered by London-based financial company LCC Trans-Sending Ltd., according to Bloomberg. LCC Trans-Sending also provides services for check cashing, bank transfer and cash pick-up through its representatives in European countries such as France, Portugal and the United Kingdom. The company started in 2002 and works as an ancillary company of Small World Financial Services Group Limited.

Through Small World, LCC can provide services that allow customers to easily send money online through SmallWorldFS.com, through its call centers, and via its agents or stores, notes the Small World website. Customers can send foreign currencies and local currency through a network of approximately 200,000 global locations, as of 2015.

LCC Trans-Sending is also able to offer business services through its parent company, states Small World Financial Services. Through its Small World for Businesses service, businesses can use the service as a way to quickly transfer money, with competitive exchange rates, and without the need to hold a balance in the account. This option also allows medium-sized and small businesses to forgo fees to maintain or set up the account. Payees are able to safely receive payments the same day the business initiates the transfer.