What Are Some Layouts for Small Modular Houses?


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Layouts that work for small modular houses include Cape Cod-style homes and ranch homes. Not every style is appropriate for small homes, as Modular Homeowners points out. Ranch homes are among the most flexible styles, since their layouts accommodate small homes of less than 100 square feet as well as large homes of 4,000 square feet and up. In part because they are always single-story homes, ranch homes are among the least expensive to build per square foot.

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Cape Cod modular homes also feature attic space under the steeply sloped roof. If a modular homeowner builds a home with an unfinished attic, he can expand his square footage later by adding insulation to the attic and building it out to include a game room or extra bedrooms, as Modular Homeowners points out.

The Homestore provides floor plans and layouts for modular homes of all sizes, including homes with less than 1,000 square feet. All plans come with exterior elevations, and the company can change the exterior look of each plan. Customers can also design their own home layouts, according to the Homestore. The company either turns a customer's design into a custom-designed layout or finds similar layouts among its existing inventory of floor plans.

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