What Are the Laws for Moving a Manufactured Home to a Vacant Lot?


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The state of Washington has a law that requires movers to obtain a permit for moving a manufactured home, and Texas requires movers to transport their homes on time-limited permits. In Maine, a mobile park owner must give a tenant time to move a home upon eviction from a trailer park, according to Pine Tree Legal Assistance.

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The State of Washington's Department of Transportation issues permits for individuals moving mobile homes. A mover must pay an associated fee to obtain the license, states the Washington State Legislature. For an older manufactured home, the mover must provide evidence that it meets fire safety standards and that the home's owner wants the home moved for his own, personal use.

When moving a manufactured home into the state of Washington, the state must assess the value of the home for tax purposes, explains the Washington State Legislature. When a mover plans to destroy a mobile home, the mover must file an affidavit that states that the mobile home is abandoned. The state of Washington also allows local administrative bodies to create additional regulations for moving manufactured homes.

A person moving a manufactured home in Texas must adhere to the size and weight requirements of Texas roads, explains the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Movement in Texas also requires adherence to the particular type of permit issued. For example, a mover may only use one single-use permit for one movement.

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