What Is the Latest Trend in S&P Index Returns?


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As of July 2015, the S&P Index has an average 1-year return of 6.77 percent, an average 3-year return of 18.31 percent and an average 5-year return of 15.95 percent, as stated by Morningstar. Year to date, the S&P Index is up 2.14 percent.

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Since its initial appearance in 1924, the S&P Index has an average annual return of about 10 percent, as noted by Investopedia. When inflation is taken into account, the return is approximately 7 percent annually.

The actual return that an investor achieves depends on when money is invested in the fund. Investors who buy when the price of the fund is high or sell when the fund is low in value are likely to earn a lower return than those who buy when the fund's value is low or sell when the value is high.

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