What Are the Latest Seminar Topics on Computer Science Engineering?

As of 2014, trending computer science engineering seminar topics include: The Panoptic Studio: Social Signal Processing in a 500 Camera Facility; Identity Theatre on the Welfare Stage: A Tale of Biometrics and Bias in India. Another hot topic is: A Case Study of Toyota Unintended Acceleration and Software Safety.

Also in 2014, the New Jersey Institute of Technology computer science engineering seminar topics included: Advanced Video Compression: Standards and Applications, Mismatched Filter Design and Interference Mitigation for MIMO Radar; Tensor Models and Techniques for Analyzing High-Dimensional Data, and Distributed Estimation and Consensus in Wireless Networks. Other topics presented were: Fiber Optic Network for Next Generation Multi-tenant Data Centers; and Energy Harvesting Using Electrospun Poly (gamma-benzyl-alpha, L-glutamate) Nanofibers and Other Piezoelectric Materials.