What Are the Largest Food Companies in the World?

What Are the Largest Food Companies in the World?

Some of the largest food companies in the world include Nestle, General Mills, Kraft Foods, Mars, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola and Kellogg's. Of these companies, the largest in 2013 (the last year of reporting available) was Nestle with more than $100 billion in sales, and around $11 billion in profit, according to Huffington Post.

While there are an increasing number of food products all around the world, the actual number of companies that control these products is decreasing. There are 10 companies as of 2015 that own almost all major brands throughout the United States and the world, notes an Oxfam International report in 2013 and reported by 24/7 Wall St. While some of these companies are not even household names, they are large corporations that have bought out well-known brands. The following is a list of some of the largest food companies in the world with some of the brands that they own, notes 24/7 Wall St. regarding the OxFam report.

  • Kellogg's
  • Kellogg's owns brands such as Keebler, Nutri-Grain, Eggo, Pringles, Pop-Tarts, Cheez-Its, Special K and Kashi.

  • Nestle
  • Nestle owns many brands, including Wonka, Kit-Kat, DiGiorno, Hot Pockets, Tombstone and Jack's Pizza.

  • PepsiCo
  • PepsiCo owns Quaker, Lays, Fritos, Doritos, Gatorade, Cheetos, Munchies, Life cereal and many others.

  • Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods)
  • Mondelez owns brands like Cheese Nips, Wheat Thins, Triscuit, Oreos, Ritz and Philadelphia.

  • Unilever
  • Unilever owns Skippy, Lipton, Ben and Jerry's, Breyer's and many more.

  • General Mills
  • Chex, Yoplait, Betty Crocker, Bisquick and Cocoa Puffs are among the brands owned by General Mills.