What Is the Landstar Trucking Load Board?


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The Landstar trucking load board provides an online listing of loads of freight available for hauling according to criteria entered by a trucker that include origin, destination, date and trailer type. The load board also provides details about the load so a trucker knows what to expect before accepting it.

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Additional information includes details regarding fuel surcharges and the agent's contact information. The load board is also useful for truckers who are heading to a new location, wanting to switch travel lanes, or looking for additional information for an area such as freight rates for the area or the agents currently working there.

Access to the Landstar load board website and load information is free, and all loads listed are Landstar loads. Drivers must qualify according to Landstar criteria that include types and amounts of insurance coverage required and a signed brokerage agreement.

Truckers just getting started in the business are most likely to use free load boards such as Landstar because they are easy and quick and don't cut into the bottom line. More experienced truckers may find that the free boards lack some key features available on similar boards with a registration fee. Free load boards, of which there are several, don't always make sense for the long-term when a trucker is looking for loads that pay more.

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