How Do You Land a Job in Higher Education?


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Landing a job in higher education requires tailoring your cover letter to fit each job position, and the letter should include details from an academic dissertation and scholarship research. Fill in resume gaps with brief explanations that are truthful, and proofread the cover letter to ensure errors are omitted. Post a curriculum vitae or resume on job boards such as Academic Keys, and use job search tools to seek academic positions in areas that match your skills and experience.

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Change details of each cover letter to appeal to a specific academic institution. This requires researching the school, faculty and academic department of the potential job position. In the cover letter, share what makes teaching such a driving passion, and provide enough personal details to make a hiring committee take notice. It's best to be open-minded while conducting the search for the ideal academic position. Focusing only on specific school categories limits opportunities to get hired.

Broaden the job search to include academic positions in all school categories, and seek positions at private and public universities and colleges, including Ivy League schools and community colleges. Apply for openings, even if an inside candidate is being considered, because an insider might not be a shoo-in for the job. Review and polish writing samples before submitting to hiring committees. During job interviews, share outside interests and hobbies so hiring committees can make decisions based on personality, lifestyle and skills.

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