How Do You Land a Job?

How Do You Land a Job?

To get a job, search through job ads, create online profiles, make resumes and cover letters, attend an interview, follow up on the position, and accept the job. You need appropriate attire to attend interviews.

  1. Search job listings

    Search in such areas as search engines, company websites and networking websites. Use any tools, gadgets or widgets to narrow your job search. Research a list of companies if you formulated a list. Work with a job recruiter if necessary.

  2. Market yourself

    Create profiles on such sites as LinkedIn or Facebook. Use your contacts as potential networking resources to help you find a job.

  3. Create a resume

    Write tailor-made resumes and cover letters that pertain to the jobs you're applying for. Avoid sending out generic resumes and cover letters.

  4. Attend an interview

    Go to the interview once a prospective employer responds to your inquiry. Dress appropriately for the meeting.

  5. Follow up after the interview

    Make contact with the employer shortly after the interview. State your interest in the position, and further state why you're the best person for the job.

  6. Decide to accept or reject the job

    Evaluate the position and what the employer is offering before you accept the job. Accept the offer if the job is suitable for you.