What Are L1 and L2 Engineers in Information Technology?

In information technology, L1 and L2 refer to job positions at companies that provide technical support. L1, or level one, is an entry-level position. Level 2 is a more advanced position that a level 1 would typically be promoted to after gaining an appropriate amount of experience. Level 3 is another common position in tech support.

Level 1 technical support engineers provide basic help to customers, including password retrieval, printer troubleshooting and routing calls to L2 and L3 specialists if required. They may also be required to call outside vendors for help when the need arises.

Level 2 support handles specialized tasks that an L1 is not trained to handle. This might include software installation problems, configuration issues and hardware repair. Hardware repair may be done on- or off-site.

Level 3 is reserved for highly specialized tasks such as database administration, network problems, server repair and infrastructure issues. Specialists at this level are regarded as the go-to people for new, previously unresolved problems that require lots of experience and skill.

Level 4 and level zero are terms that may be used in any given company. L4 usually refers to outside vendor support, while the latter is a term that describes an automated system that can be accessed by users via phone or website.