How Does Kroll Protect Individuals Against Identity Theft?


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Kroll protects its customers by providing identify monitoring services and identify theft restoration services. Identity monitoring allows Kroll to determine when a customer's personally identifiable information is being misused, and identify theft restoration allows those customers to minimize the damage done.

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Examples of personally identifiable information Kroll uses to determine whether one of its customers may be a victim of identity theft include Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, bank routing numbers, credit card numbers, email addresses and phone numbers. If the company finds suspicious activity related to any of these items of information, it immediately warns the customer in question and provides access to a licensed identity theft investigator who can help resolve the issue.

Kroll's identity theft investigators issue fraud alerts on victims' behalf, making sure that the Social Security Administration, U.S. Postal Service, Federal Trade Commission and three consumer credit reporting agencies are aware of the identity breach. The investigators also help victims of identity theft understand the process of restoration, prepare documentation necessary for restoration to occur, and investigate complex activity trails to find the culprit. Kroll provides these services, along with telephone support, credit monitoring and data breach notification services, to both individuals and businesses.

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