How Does Kroll Credit Monitoring Prevent Identity Theft?


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Kroll credit monitoring prevents identity theft by watching for indications of fraudulent activity in credit reports and alerting customers to possible breaches in security, according to its official website. Kroll also educates clients in how to read credit reports and analyze data for evidence of fraud.

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Credit monitoring is a facet of the data breach response services Kroll provides to educational institutions, health care institutions, financial services and other businesses and individuals, explains its website. Confirmation of a cyber intrusion prompts a data breach response plan involving a range of investigative and monitoring services, including credit monitoring. Kroll credit monitoring alerts customers to any changes in their credit profiles, including changes of address, public records, negative notices, new lines of trade and suspicious inquiries. When changes occur, clients are able to analyze them to see whether they are legitimate or possible indications of attempted identity theft.

Credit monitoring is part of commercial identity theft prevention services that monitor credit reports and report changes to consumers, reports the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Consumers should understand the costs of the services companies offer before accepting credit or identity monitoring services. Consumers should also be aware they are legally entitled to a free credit report each year from each of the three major credit reporting bureaus; using these reports, they are usually able to monitor their credit activity on their own.

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