What Is the Krogers Program?

The Krogers Community Rewards Program funds various non-profit organizations in the local community. The Krogers Fuel Program allows members to earn a fuel point for every dollar they spend.

Customers can enroll in Krogers Community Rewards Program online to support non-profit organizations every time they shop. When they sign up, they can choose a local organization such as a church, an animal shelter or a school. The program makes fundraising simple as all participants have to do is shop at Kroger and swipe their Plus Cards. Loyalty card shoppers do not give up any other discounts or reward they earn on their card.

When customers shop at Krogers and swipe their Plus Cards, they earn a fuel point. They also earn fuel points on airtime cards, gift cards and no-contract wireless phones. At Krogers Fuel Centers, participants can choose the amount of the discounts they want to use up to a dollar off per gallon.

In addition, they can redeem their points at participating Shell gas stations. They need to scan their Plus Cards or enter their Alternate ID at the gas station. Then they need to choose to redeem their fuel discounts.

Kroger’s Supplier Diversity Program advocates the promotion and growth of minority and diverse-owned organizations. The program’s purpose is to simplify the analysis of such enterprises to determine whether their offerings fall within Kroger’s corporate strategies. Through the Supplier Diversity Program, Kroger ensures that it represents the diversity of the marketplace it serves.