What Are Kroger's Double Coupon Days?


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Kroger officially stopped all of its coupon-doubling programs on May 14, 2014, when the final regional market stopped the practice. The company continues to accept manufacturer coupons at face value, Internet coupons, printable coupons and digital coupons as of 2015.

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Kroger's doubling policy always varied by region, with some locations always doubling while others did so only as an occasional marketing tool. The first market in which Kroger stopped doubling coupons was Houston, Texas, in April of 2011. Cincinnati, Ohio, followed suit in March of 2013, while the Central Division discontinued the practice in August 2013. Columbus, Ohio, stopped doubling on May 1, 2014, leaving Detroit, Michigan, as the last region to double until it stopped doing so on May 14 of that year.

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