Where Are Kraftmaid Outlets Located?

The Kraftmaid outlet is located in Warren, Ohio. It sells Kraftmaid overstocked, returned and slightly irregular cabinets and counter tops at discounts that are often less than half the price of retail value.

Shopping at the Kraftmaid outlet is a first come, first serve affair. Patrons are handed numbered wristbands in the order they arrive; 150 customers are admitted every 20 minutes.

Customers are asked to bring mailing labels with their last names written on them. If the customer would like to purchase a piece, he places his label on it as a bid and number it to indicate if he was the first, second or third customer interested. The first customer to label a product has the right to purchase it. He is tasked with approaching a store representative to check out and load the item into his car. If the item has not been purchased by the number one bidder midway through the day, the second bidder has the option to purchase.

Along with the labels, customers should bring lists of the dimensions needed for their products. A marker and measuring tape are also helpful. Customers intent on finding a bargain should also bring lists of comparison prices.