Does Kotex Offer Printable Coupons?

kotex-offer-printable-coupons Credit: ersler/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Kotex offers printable coupons at Obtaining a printable coupon on the company's website only requires creating an account. Consumers can also subscribe to the Kotex Twitter feed or visit its Facebook page to get printable coupons.

Once a consumer has an account at, she can access and print available coupons. As of 2015, some of these coupons are for products such as tampons, pads and liners. The printable coupons offered are usually for a limited time and may change on a weekly basis.

Consumers have to follow Kotex's Facebook page to gain access to printable coupons. Twitter users only need to click the link from a post to print the coupon offer.