What Kinds of Technology Are Used in Farming?


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Among the multiple forms of technology used in agriculture are machinery, cooling, plant genetics, modern transportation methods and the synthetic development of animal feeds. Machine use is probably the most common, with modern technology allowing machines to perform such diverse tasks as tilling, seeding, irrigation and harvesting with limited manpower.

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Cooling facilities and transportation methods have provided farmers with the ability to store, preserve and ship food with an efficiency and longevity unheard of in pre-industrial times. Fruits such as tomatoes can be harvested, stored and shipped so as to arrive in supermarkets as fresh as they were leaving the farm. Modern transportation also helps with the rapid delivery of fertilizers and other equipment, keeping farms and businesses productive even when local shortages threaten supply and efficiency.

Regarding genetic developments, farmers have been able to improve the ability of some crops to resist deadly threats, such as diseases and pests, providing them greater and healthier yields at harvest time. This also allows farmers to spend less money on other preventative measures, such as pesticides, and to reinvest that capital in their business. The synthetic development of animal feeds means less emphasis on finding and preserving grasslands. This lowers prices and makes it easier to feed animals thoroughly, leading to improved quality meats, milk and furs.

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