What Kinds of Services Does C.R. England Offer?

What Kinds of Services Does C.R. England Offer?

C.R. England is a temperature-controlled carrier that transports customer product in trucks and via rail, notes the C.R. England website. The company was established in Salt Lake City in 1920 and claims the position of largest temperature-controlled carrier globally.

C.R. England provides a number of transport services to customers, most are related to truck and rail shipping:

  • Provide a long-haul trucking service across the United States
  • Ship product in and out of Mexico
  • Make short truckload regional deliveries in Midwest, West and Texas
  • Provides dedicated services to meet a customer's needs, such as private fleet replacement
  • Provides expedited priority rail service in TempStack refrigerated cars
  • Operates five truck driver training schools in United States

C.R. England also owns a subsidiary, England Logistics. This company provides logistics and global shipping services, such as taking on all tasks associated with Supply Chain Management, as stated by England Logistics. Services included in SCM are arranging deliveries, monitoring shipments, apply cost reducing measures and provide an online platform for customer requests.

England Logistics makes truckload and less than truckload deliveries in dry, flat bed and refrigerated vehicles. The company arranges and manages international freight and shipping of customer product. Customers can also purchase tires, fuel and get their equipment maintained at a discount via England Logistics.