What Kinds of Retirement Services Does ING Offer?

ING is now Voya, and offers financial planning advice and tools to prepare for retirement. It has multiple products to help people save money for retirement. During retirement, it offers legal, health, financial and lifestyle advice, as well as tools to help a retired person stay on track, as noted by Voya.com.

The company also offers medical long term care coverage plans. Voya's website features many articles and planning tools for soon-to-be retirees. The website covers topics like "Setting Retirement Goals" and "Staying On Track for Retirement." When nearing retirement, there are topics such as "Retirement Vision" and "When To Retire: Get Prepared," along with other articles. During retirement topics include "Retirement Budgets" and "Understanding Your Pension Plans."

Voya's tools include "My Retirement Outlook," comparison calculators and analyzing calculators. Voya's service and products include life insurance, multiple annuities, multiple IRAs and workplace retirement plans, as noted by Voya.com.