What Kinds of Resources Does Pearson VUE Have for CNAs?

What Kinds of Resources Does Pearson VUE Have for CNAs?

Pearson Vue offers test information via handbooks, applications and forms, along with continuing education, licensing and registry services. It offers information on its website at asisvcs.com.

Pearson VUE offers test taking, test scheduling and test information services in several states, and many nursing students can find their NCLEX accounts on its website.

As an example, Pearson VUE's handbook for Pennsylvania nursing aides includes references to the American Red Cross for the Competency Evaluation Program. It recommends that nursing assistants call the Red Cross to obtain a physical handbook, register for examinations, and obtain or complete a registration form.

Pearson Vue typically lists information pertaining to regional test sites/test schedules, registration/reciprocity applications, practice examinations, and skill competency pass rates. The pass rates for each of the several skills is listed first by national pass rate and then by state pass rate. There are several pages devoted to the step fail rate for the nursing assistant's critical skills.

Practice exams typically focus on Activities of Daily Living, Basic Nursing Skills, Psychosocial care, and the role of nursing assistants in the health care setting. Answers are displayed at the end of the practice exam sheet, along with a description of the category the question falls into.