What Kinds of Registered Nurse Positions Are There?


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Registered nurses work in diverse environments, including hospitals, physicians’ offices, community clinics and rehabilitation care facilities. In collaboration with other medical officers, registered nurses offer services such as surgical, preoperative, mental health, medical practice and critical care. Registered nurses also offer specialized services, like dermatology care and cardiovascular treatment.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics stipulates a 26 percent increase in registered nurse jobs by 2020. Growth of registered nurse jobs is due to increased demand for specialized medical care. Retirement of the baby boomer population also leads to creation of more jobs in the nursing field. The growing rate of chronic diseases and complicated medical conditions equally lead to increased demand for the services of registered nurses. Registered nurses are well paid, but the salaries depend on experience, location and area of specialization.

Prospective registered nurses may take a diploma in an approved nursing program, an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree in nursing. However, registered nurses with additional skills are more competitive in the job market than their counterparts. Registered nurses who have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and speak an extra language are more valuable in the market. Additionally, registered nurses who are ready to work within medical facilities in the rural areas have higher job prospects.

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