What Kinds of Questions Should Be Asked on Instructor Evaluations?


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Questions regarding an instructor's teaching methods, course materials, assignments and course organization are typically on instructor evaluations. The questionnaire should evaluate teaching methods through questions regarding the effectiveness of the instructor's presentation of content, whether expectations and directions were clearly identified, and whether student participation in class discussions was effectively managed. It is also important to seek input regarding the extent to which feedback from the instructor was clear and helpful.

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Questions can be simply stated, such as asking students to rate on a scale of one to five whether they learned a lot in the class or if the instructor showed respect for the students. To evaluate the effectiveness of course materials and assignments, the evaluation should include questions as to whether tests accurately covered the material and addressed the students' learning objectives. Students should also answer questions about whether the grades seemed consistent with the grading criteria and whether assignments were returned in a timely manner with useful feedback.

Questions vary based on the type of course and the purpose for the evaluation. Evaluation questions are sometimes designed to solicit specific feedback, such as on the effectiveness of a new textbook or technological resource. Teachers may also use them to gather input on different options for presenting course content in the future.

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