What Kinds of Questions Are on Employment Aptitude Tests?


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Employment aptitude tests may cover a variety of topic categories, such as personality, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, computer literacy, creative thinking, verbal logic and vocabulary, notes the University of Kent. The questions on a specific employment aptitude test will vary based on the type of aptitude or skill being assessed. For example, questions on a personality test may be designed to both determine whether the test taker has certain traits that are necessary for a job and to suss out whether the test taker is trying to misrepresent himself with his answers.

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What Kinds of Questions Are on Employment Aptitude Tests?
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Questions on aptitude tests may be presented in a variety of formats. For example, a verbal aptitude test may offer test takers three answer options for each question: agree, disagree or don't know. Math skills tests may simply list a problem and leave a space for the test taker to write out an answer.

Personality assessments may be less familiar to students who are used to taking tests in an academic context. Often, these tests have no "right" answer, as stated by the University of Kent. Instead, questions on a personality test focus on creating an objective profile of the job applicant's personality that hiring managers can then use to determine whether or not the applicant is a good fit for the job.

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