What Kinds of Property Can Have Mobile Homes on Them?


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One type of property that is allowed to have mobile homes on it is property designated as a mobile home park, according to Pine Tree Legal Assistance. Other options include RV parks, campgrounds and private agreements to park on land owned by some else, says The Tiny Life.

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In 2015, the growth of the tiny house movement over the last several years has inspired much discussion among mobile home owners about where they can park their tiny mobile homes, says The Tiny Life. The agreements that mobile home, or tiny house, owners make with property owners allow the mobile home to sit on the property owner's land in exchange for a certain fee.

Although mobile homes were initially viewed as a type of recreational vehicle because they have wheels attached, in the 1960s, many of them were increasingly being built as relatively permanent and stationary dwellings, the American Planning Association explains.

Since the laws regarding mobile homes and where they are allowed to be situated are complicated, Pine Tree Legal recommends that a mobile home owner speaks to a lawyer if he rents land on which the mobile home is located and the land is not a mobile home park.

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