What Kinds of Products Are Sold at Lehman's Country Store?


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Lehman's primarily sells what are considered to be practical goods, with an emphasis on low-tech items manufactured in the USA, according to the company's website. Included in its product range are high-quality, non-electric products that the company considers to be reliable substitutes, including Amish-made tools and traditional toys.

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While Lehman's does provide electric and technological products, its offerings are intended to be reflective of its historical roots as a hardware store catering to Amish communities, according to the company website. This also aligns with the company's slogan of "simple products for a simpler life." The primary product groups included on its website are garden and home supplies, tools, farm items and outdoor goods. Other categories include lighting, stoves, water-related items and kitchen goods. The company also sells books, food, children's toys, health and beauty products and emergency supplies.

Specific product examples from the company website include reel lawn mowers, authentic corn house brooms, canned food, garden carts and water pumps. Other examples are old-fashioned block and puzzle games, heat stoves, oil lamps and shaving supplies. The company's full product range is available online at Lehmans.com, and customers can also request a print catalog for free in the U.S. or download a digital PDF version.

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