What Kinds of Products Does Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc. Manufacture?

Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc. primarily manufactures heat-transfer surfaces, including single- and multi-row fluid and steam coils. Additionally, it manufactures fan-cooled units, transformer oil coolers, and motor and generator cooling units.

Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc. also provides Original Equipment Manufacturer intercooler and aftercooler coil bundles that are intended for use in compressors. The company was the first OEM supplier for compressor lines such as GE, Hoffman and Cooper, among others. In addition to manufacturing them, Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc. also repairs and refurbishes older cooling units by reusing components.

The fan-cooled units that Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc. fabricates cool or heat the air on the discharge side by circulating the air through the tube side of the heat exchanger and passing it over fan blades. The compact design and high efficiency of these units allow them to consume less power and produce low amounts of noise while active.

As of 2015, Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc. makes transformer oil coolers for major transformer manufacturers, including Wagner, Central Transformer, ITE Circuit Breaker and McGraw Edison. To avoid the accumulation of moisture and other types of contamination during the shipment of these coolers, Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc. seals and charges them using nitrogen to 10-pounds-per-square-inch gage. It also provides replacement heat-transfer cores and fabricates custom-designed units based on customers’ needs.