What Kinds of Printable Tax Forms Does the IRS Website Offer?

Individual can find forms, instructions and publications that deal with individual income taxes, excise tax returns, earned income credits, charitable contributions and supplemental income or loss on the Internal Revenue Service website. As of 2015, there are more than 2,000 files on IRS.gov for taxpayers to print. Taxpayers print these forms as Adobe Acrobat PDF files, and the agency accepts forms printed from the IRS website as official paperwork from the Department of the Treasury.

Taxpayers are able to locate printable forms using a few methods, notes IRS.gov. It is possible to sort a comprehensive list of forms by product number, title, revision date and posted date. The list is viewable by 25, 50, 100 or 200 items per page. Individuals input a search term into the search box labeled Find, and then alter the drop-down menu to view choices for product number, title or revision date before clicking the Find button.

Taxpayers can submit most of the forms found on the IRS website as official forms, says IRS.gov. Printed forms that the agency does not accept have the text "for information only" on the form itself. These tax documents are available for ordering through the IRS website. Some IRS forms have a fill-in feature that allows individuals to input data before printing, although the agency warns that the fillable forms do not have a computation, validation or verification feature that assesses the validity of the information entered.