What Kinds of Policies Does Traders Insurance Offer?


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Traders Insurance offers auto insurance policies for residents of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. The company has separate liability policies covering the liability of car owners, non-car owners with an incidental need to drive, and those who suffer personal injury or death resulting from trauma caused while in a car or by a car, according to Traders Insurance.

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The personal injury protection program of the policies of Traders Insurance has coverage to address medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages, daily essentials, funeral costs and survivor's loss coverage for a designated beneficiary of the injured party. Each of these areas of coverage has a limit that's either a flat amount or a daily amount over a set period of months, both of which the policy contract specifies, explains Traders Insurance.

In the event of a death, the default beneficiary of a married person is her spouse, presuming the couple resides at the same address, and the default beneficiary of a minor is his parent. Policy holders cannot adjust their designated beneficiaries once the policy goes into effect, notes Traders Insurance.

Traders Insurance has several limitations in its policy contract in the event of which policy holders are not eligible for coverage. Under its Coverage A insurance policy category, Traders Insurance does not cover claims in the event that an accident occurs while an insured vehicle is in use for a business-related purpose, if the policy holder causes damage to the insured vehicle or other property intentionally, or if the accident occurs during a speed- or demolition-related contest, reports the Traders Insurance website.

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