What Kinds of Plans Are Offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio?


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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio offers three categories of health insurance: individual and family health plans, Medicare solutions, and additional dental and vision plans, according to Anthem BCBS. The individual and family plans are further divided into gold, silver and bronze plans based on coverage and cost.

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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield gold, silver and bronze plans offer coverage for health care costs up to 60, 70 and 80 percent respectively. However, the coverage varies based on several factors such as the list of services availed by the patient and the plan's upper limit for expenses that the patient pays out of pocket, Anthem BCBS reports. The out-of-pocket clause ensures that 100 percent of patient costs are covered if the out-of-pocket expenses exceed the plan's threshold value.

BCBS of Ohio also offers employers and businesses group health insurance through a group network plan as well as a range of Medicare plans, including Medicare prescription drug plans, Anthem BCBS states. Other supplemental plans include dental plans that offer percentage-based coverage for basic services such as dental X-ray imaging and cleaning, as well as advanced dental procedures such as fillings, root canal procedures and implant surgeries. BCBS of Ohio also offers optional vision coverage plans through the Blue View Vision network that includes doctors and optical device providers, Anthem BCBS reports.

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