What Kinds of Part-Time Jobs for Retirees Are Available?

What Kinds of Part-Time Jobs for Retirees Are Available?

Good part-time jobs for retirees include those related to retail, bookkeeping, tax preparation and home health care. Part-time jobs offer retirees a chance to supplement their income and stay occupied, especially in the early years of retirement.

Retail stores are often looking to hire retirees. Finding a job in retail could be as simple as discussing employment prospects with a familiar retail store manager. Retail jobs are generally not very demanding and offer a good opportunity to supplement one?s income.

Retirees with experience in finance can find part-time jobs as bookkeepers. Many small businesses do not have the resources to hire full-time bookkeepers. A retiree might work one week a month or once a week, depending on their availability. A bookkeeper is usually required to have certified public accountant certification.

Next, tax preparation is a good opportunity for part-time employment during tax season, which runs from January through April. Retirees with the relevant qualifications and experience can find these jobs relatively easily, especially by applying to big accounting firms.

Lastly, home health care is a fast-growing industry with good employment opportunities for retirees. Working hours depend on the client, so finding a suitable schedule is generally not difficult. Home health care personnel often require certified nursing assistant certification, although this depends on the position.