What Kinds of Manufactured Homes Does Redman Make?

Redman Homes constructs about five different types of manufactured houses, ranging up to four or more bedrooms and up to two stories. The company constructs Cape Cod homes, ranches, single-section homes and multi-section homes. The homes made by Redman are modular, allowing home owners to adjust their layout fairly easily.

Houses manufactured by Redman Homes usually appear similar to homes built on-site. These houses are built to be modular and tend to have a solid frame that allows them to be transported elsewhere if the need arises. These homes, in many cases, are called mobile or modular homes. All homes created by Redman are created in a factory to be shipped to a designated location, no matter the model.

Redman Homes is a brand name of a company called Champion Homes. This company has several other brands that it maintains, based in various areas of the United States. Manufactured homes created by this company, no matter the brand, go through lengthy inspection processes. These homes are shipped to sites in individual pieces, which are then assembled on-site by trained technicians.

Manufactured homes are considered by some to be a cheaper alternative to building a home on-site, due to access to already built models of homes. Champion Homes has the ability to buy construction materials in bulk to cut costs, where an independent home builder would have to buy the same materials for a much higher price.