What kinds of jobs pay in cash?


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Jobs that typically pay in cash include those in child care, delivery, lawn care and house sitting. These jobs do not usually include benefits such as health care.

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The best way to gain babysitting experience and develop a client base is to care for children of family and friends. These people can provide references when finding new clients because many parents feel uncomfortable leaving their children with people with no babysitting experience. Experienced babysitters can advance to au-pair positions or nanny jobs. This kind of work typically pays cash immediately although employers may develop a scheduled payment for regular or long-term positions.

Pizza delivery and courier jobs pay cash, and earnings depend on the employer. This cash is taxable income. Delivery driver jobs usually come with a small base hourly pay, with most of the income earned in form of tips.

Lawn or garden care jobs are popular with people looking to earn cash quickly. This kind of work involves mowing lawns, raking leaves, carting away debris and trimming trees. Posting advertisements for lawn care services at recreation areas and senior centers is a good way to find clients. Gaining experience in garden and lawn care may lead to jobs in landscaping and gardening.

House sitting pays cash and involves taking care of houses and pets while their owners are away on vacation or business. Summer months and holiday seasons are the peak times for house sitting.

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